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 The Bon Jovi Tribute members have performed throughout the UK, in Europe and  the middle east, with several different Bon Jovi tribute bands and duos, gaining a wealth of performance experience since 1999. The full force of this experience, coupled with a good level of ability can be felt during their shows, which are always delivered with a truck load of humour. Bon Jovi Tribute don't just perform to an audience............they rock with them!  Over the years, these musicians have provided a service to clients such as Luminar Leisure, Bourne Leisure, Carlsberg, Warner Hotels, Butlins, Chicago Rock Cafes, Litten Trees, Yates Wine Lodges, Arena Pubs and many more.

 Affordable Bon Jovi Tribute Band

 "A big band sound, a hugely entertaining show, at a fraction of the cost."

 Why Book Bon Jovi Tribute?

It is much cheaper than a full band.

 It requires a lot less space for equiment.

Sound checks completed quicker. 

Noise levels can be more easily managed.

Quicker to set up and pack away.





What Do You Get? 

A planned out, professional,   90 minute show.


A professional standard PA system.


Suitable stage lighting for the occasion.


Background music when duo not performing, unless you have a DJ.


Professional, efficient and courteous service.




Book Bon Jovi tribute act

"Its ridiculous, you sound more like Jon Bon Jovi than he does......its scary."

Justin Byrne, UAE promoter